514 Broadway Ave E
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Connections (formerly Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor) offers services to children and parents in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties including but not limited to crisis care, visitation services, and courthouse services.

Grays Harbor College
1620 Edward P Smith Drive

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When Grays Harbor College was established in 1930, a tradition of helping our students succeed also began. Now, some 87 years later, we have assembled excellent instructors and dedicated staff, all caring individuals focused on providing the very best services to the students in the Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

We are focused on success of all varieties – helping students as they work towards an Associate or Bachelor degree; teaching new skills that could lead to a new or improved job; or encouraging someone as they strive to earn a GED®, master English as a new language, or enroll in any one of our community special interest courses.

The mission of Grays Harbor College is to provide meaningful education and cultural enrichment through academic transfer, workforce preparation, basic skills, and service to community.

Montesano Co-Op Preschool
401 E Spruce Ave

Monte Co-Op Preschool is a Fantastic way for Families and Kids to Learn Together!

Montesano School District No. 66
305 N Church St

Montesano is a community where people learn, grow and work together. With high-quality instruction, every student, regardless of race, class, language, or ability, can succeed.

Timberland Regional Library
125 Main St S

The Montesano Library was built in 1960 by the Abel family as a memorial to W. H. Abel. It served as a headquarters library for the Grays Harbor Rural Library District. With the vote to establish the Timberland Regional Library district in 1968, it became the property of TRL.