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About the Chamber


To promote business, community development, and tourism while striving to improve the overall quality of life in our community.


To implement and maintain sustainable programs that proactively enhance the economic and business development in our community for the Montesano of tomorrow.


The Montesano Chamber of Commerce will adhere to these values as a means to establish trust and ensure a positive reputation as an organization that is working to help our members and the communities we serve.

Leadership and Advocacy

We are dedicated to the growth and success of our business community and the local economy.


Driven by Member Needs – We are focused on member needs and the success of the Montesano business community.


Protecting the vital resources valued by the business community and tourism industry.


By encouraging our members’ personal and professional growth through resources and educational opportunities.


We value the diversity of our business community and encourage participation, inclusion, and collaboration.


We connect people, community, resources, and commerce.


Acting with strength of conviction even in the face of adversity.

Innovation and Tradition

We are a proactive and forward-thinking organization that is open to new ideas and provides opportunities for our members while preserving and honoring the organization’s strong history.

The Chamber Board

Dan Wood


Georgia Miller

Vice President

Jill Luchman


Stephanie Lewis


Laney Mortimeyer

Board Member

Debora Wood

Board Member

Jim Docsanes 

Board Member

Michelle Glick

Board Member

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